6-year-old left on day care bus & found on the side of the road

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Wandesha Coleman said her 6-year-old son fell asleep on a school bus and the driver forgot about him.

VarKelso said he was terrified when he woke up Monday alone on the bus, so he walked to the side of the road and waved his arms to get attention.

He told his mother a nice lady pulled over, picked him up and then took him to his daycare, Brightside Academy.

VarKelso normally takes a school bus from his daycare Brightside Academy to his school, Citizen's Academy East where he's dropped off. But that didn't happen on Monday.

His mother and grandmother say they both received phone calls asking about VarKelso but no one at either of his schools told the women he was missing and that a stranger dropped him off. No one called the police.

"The story I got from the school is different than the story that I got from the daycare. I feel like they're going around the story and they're trying to cover something," Coleman said.

Now they're trying to get answers but tell say school administrators aren't giving them all the of the information.

Cleveland 19 News talked to representatives from both Brightside Academy and Citizen's Academy East but no one on camera.

Tonya Byous, Field Director at Brightside said: "safety Is our main concern and we are taking this very seriously."

But mom and grandma don't think so.

"Somebody needs to be accountable for that like that, period, like we wouldn't even know if the gentleman who was driving the bus is going to be reported, we don't know if the monitor, the teacher that was monitoring the bus is going to be talked to. I mean, what, we just supposed to go on with our lives? I mean this could've been a bad situation," said Annie Jernigan, grandmother.

Coleman is in the process of filing a report with Cleveland Police.

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