Stow woman finds racial slur covering front door, police investigating

STOW, OH (WOIO) - Police are investigating after receiving reports about racist graffiti on one woman's front door.

Over the weekend, when Esayla Williams returned home from being out of town she found her apartment door had a racial slur written with permanent black magic marker across the door of her apartment.

The n-word was plastered all over her door.

"In 2018, we're still doing that? I've never experienced this before," Williams said.

According to Williams her apartment manager told her she was hallucinating and didn't believe her until they looked at the door themselves.

"Honestly, I burst out into tears. I won't even lie," Williams said.

According to a report filed by Stow Police, there are no suspects, but they are investigating this as a potential hate crime. Esayla said she wants to see the person responsible held accountable.

"I feel fear for myself, because I didn't know that that was still even happening, and I think when I was kind of ignorant to that type of like, callousness," she said.

Her apartment complex, Hidden Lake, said they are taking the situation seriously, and are currently reviewing what steps can be taken to protect tenants.

"We just don't ever want someone to have to walk up to their door, have to be subject so anything, so that's where we take a zero tolerance stand on everything," said Regional Manager Caitlin Holtzapple.

Meanwhile, Williams says, she's dealing with the trauma of feeling targeted in her own home.

"It's so much deeper than a door," she said. "It's almost like saying to us, no matter how hard you work, no matter what you do, you're never valuable enough to live where we live, or do what we do, or be where we are. And that's hard for me to accept."

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