Potholes in Cleveland, part of Harvard Avenue ignored in repaving

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Harvard Avenue just off Lee Road in Cleveland is the dividing line between where the street is nice and smooth, and where it is rough and bumpy.

Funding for the repaving comes from both the county and the city.

People said infrastructure, jobs and politics aren't a good mix.

You never know what will hit you when you drive on Harvard Avenue, not far from JFK High School.

Spray from potholes hits your windshield at unpredictable times.

But you do know what you might hit? Potholes. It is a bumpy ride, as this view out the front window shows.

It is also rough for fire trucks that would prefer to drive faster but can't, or for EMS patients who also suffer the bumpy ride on top of what ails them.

Kimberly Brown lives in the area and is not happy with the conditions.

"This is our quality of life and I drive these streets every single day at six o'clock in the morning going to work and you have to pray that a car is not on the side of you because if so then of course you're gonna have a massive collision," Brown said.

At a glance you can see people both hit the potholes and swerve around them as Kimberly described.

Lots of folks are seniors and cross the street to get to the community center walking, some in motorized both a danger.  There are bigger potholes in Cleveland no doubt, but here is the volume and the patchwork approach that makes it bad.

Make no mistake, all along this stretch of Harvard Avenue there is evidence of pothole patching.

But in large measure the material used was cold patch.

Simply put it's a temporary fix done over and over and over.

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