Trump tariffs could boost manufacturing, sales of American-made appliances in Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Trump administration announced a stiff tariff on foreign-made washing machines Monday, and it did not take long for the largest foreign manufacturers, LG and Samsung, to announce that they would be raising prices.

As a consumer, if you are sold on buying an LG or Samsung washer, you most likely will pay more, but if you prefer to buy American you could find significantly better prices.

Plus, for American manufacturers or retailers, this may mean a boost in business.

J and L Appliance, located on Cleveland's West side, sells Whirlpool washing machines, made in Ohio and sold under the brand name Crosley.

Paul Sklarz, who owns the shop, is hoping to see a jump in market share for American-made washers.

"I hope it does, and I think it will," said Sklarz.

The tariff has already produced results as Whirlpool expects to add manufacturing jobs at their production facility in Clyde, Ohio.

On the other hand, LG is expected to raise retail prices by as much as $50.

Samsung has been less specific, but admitted prices will rise.

Sklarz hopes the price hikes will bend consumers toward buying American-made appliances.

"Maybe not overnight, or within a month, but in the next year or so I think we'll see some differences made with people's buying habits and they will focus on American-made products," he said.

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