Orlo Wants to Know: 75-year-old woman gets new stove she'd been denied for weeks

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - Gennell Burton is 75, she has a lot of health issues. That means a lot of medications, many of which have to be taken with food.

That is a problem for her in that her stove went out three weeks ago so she can't cook, and when you can't prepare food that's a problem.

She saw a flash of light from her bedroom, came into the kitchen and saw her stove on fire. She was using it to warm the room.

She quickly unplugged it.

"The whole bottom rack you know, the burner it had burned in half," Burton said.

Burton's son Rico said a week after his mom reported the problem there was still no replacement stove.

His mom had been told one would be coming shortly.

"I waited a couple of hours, called my mom.  It's going into another week now. They don't even answer my calls don't answer my mom's calls," Rico said.

Burton has been forced to eat little other than cold cereal and crackers with her medications that have to be taken with food.

She has diabetes, high blood pressure and a pacemaker and is not a fan of the take out food her family brings.

"It's bad on her now it's frustrating her and when my mom's upset I'm upset," Rico said.

To try to get Burton help reporter Paul Orlousky went to the offices of Euclid Apartments, the landlord and was asked to leave.

He did after leaving contact information.

In the parking lot he was asked to stop shooting video and to move the news car replying to the representative.

"We'd be happy to remove the vehicle just so you know he's on the sidewalk, he can shoot whatever he wants on the street."

The representative responded.

"Part of the tripod is on our property."

It was not but the tripod was moved several inches to satisfy the request.

One hour later a stove arrived at Burton's apartment.  A brand new stove. 

What the delay was we simply don't know.  What is important is that Burton can now cook, and take her many medications the way they will be most effective to keep her as healthy as possible. Hats off to Euclid Apartments for correcting on the issue.

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