Police tapes: Couple describes killing 5-year-old Ashley Zhao

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - Investigators have released the tapes from 5-year-old Ashley Zhao's murder.

The tapes are disturbing, as her parents Liang Zhao and Ming Ming Chen describe in detail how they killed and then hid their daughter's body.

The couple was interviewed separately, hours after they were arrested last January.

They later pleaded guilty to murdering Ashley.

In Liang's confession, he described how his wife Ming Ming Chen killed Ashley and how he helped hide her body in the freezer at the Chinese restaurant they owned in Canton.

"We talked about it and I said this is probably the best place to do it. It's well-insulated and we don't have to worry about temperature because it's cool up there," he told detectives.

In Ming Ming Chen's interview, investigators asked her why she wasn't showing any emotion.

"You're not even crying," said one detective.

"I can't," Ming Ming replied.

"Why?" the detective pressed.

"Because I can't. I don't have any waters anymore," said Ming Ming.

Both Liang Zhao and his wife Ming Ming Chen are serving time in prison.

Ming Ming will be deported to China once she finishes her 22-year sentence.

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