Will mother face charges after leaving baby at East Cleveland fire station?

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - An East Cleveland mother who dropped off her 10-month-old baby girl because she felt overwhelmed has raised an intriguing question.

That question has to do with the wording of Ohio's Safe Haven law.

In this case, the law worked -- the baby is safe, but the law is designed for babies up to a month old.

Here are the facts, an East Cleveland prosecutor will weigh:

On Wednesday the child was dropped off at East Cleveland's Fire Station number 2 on Shaw Avenue.

It was staffed on Wednesday when she arrived and dropped off the baby.  She left and the baby was taken in by firefighters and social workers to the hospital for a check-up. She's fine.

A police report says a short time later "a male walked up and asked was a child left here."  It was the mom's boyfriend who is not the baby's father. That allowed police to find her.

By phone she promised to contact Cleveland 19 but never did, so the boyfriend was called and said, "We got everything under control, the baby's in a safe place. We're working on getting everything the mother needs."

At the mothers parent's home we saw two women putting the child into a car seat in the driveway.  Child and family services confirms that is where the child was placed for care and safety.

The boyfriend confirmed this as well.

A strict reading of Ohio's Safe Haven for Newborn's law states charges could be filed.

But those close to the case say that the baby was clean, healthy and appeared well cared for.

In this case the mom was troubled for some reason and took steps to keep the child safe. Sources say it seems highly unlikely that a crime was committed.

The final decision lays with the East Cleveland Prosecutor with advice from Child and Family Services.

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