Potholes are popping up across Cleveland and outpacing the repair effort

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Yes, you guessed it -- it's pothole season across Northeast Ohio.

City officials have been working every day to fix the holes following this week winter thaw; however, cold weather continues to outpace the pothole repair effort.

Residents who have lived in Cleveland for decades say it's a problem that's only getting worse year after year.

"They'll take this car and just eat it up. They'll eat up the wheels, the wheel alignments on it and everything else on it. Everybody's gonna have a tough time, so we've got to be careful," said Cleveland resident, Kenneth Haynes.

If you've driven anywhere within the city of Cleveland, Chances are you've had a bumpy ride.

"Just a couple of days ago, I was trying to dodge a hole and ended up running into another hole. Next thing you know, my hub cap comes off," said Cleveland resident, Harold Hill.

People like Hill are just plain fed up with it.

"Now my car is wobbling, I can't get it fixed. Someone needs to get out here and do it," said Hill.

The city has been working to alleviate some of those issues by sending 10 to 12 crews to repair potholes with a temporary fix called cold patching. Still, some are saying that's simply not good enough.

"They need to just redo the street. Once you replace it with that, it doesn't work. It only lasts for a couple of weeks. Then the same whole comes right back," said Hill.

"They can get some of the big ones out the way. I mean they won't get it all done, but they can certainly get some of it done," said Haynes.

Residents can report potholes by calling 216-664-2510.

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