Report: Ohio dotted with structurally deficient bridges

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new report by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association is shining a light on unsafe bridges across the country, including many bridges in Ohio.

The report ranks Ohio twelfth in the nation when it comes to states with the most structurally deficient bridges. Out of the 27,345 bridges across the state, the report states six percent of the bridges are potentially unsafe.

ODOT Press Secretary Matt Bruning said he noticed outdated information quickly when he looked at the report. It listed the I-271/Wilson Mills bridge in Cuyahoga County as old and structurally deficient, but Bruning said crews rebuilt the bridge last summer.

"Ohio bridges are safe. If there was an unsafe bridge on the ODOT system we would close it and there are no bridges that are closed due to safety concerns or a lack of funding in Ohio right now," said Bruning.

Other bridges listed in the report couldn't be found by ODOT because locations weren't clear, including multiple bridges in Cuyahoga and Stark counties.

"It makes it tough for me to answer your questions about a bridge when neither one of us can figure out what that bridge is," said Bruning.

Bruning said, over the past seven years, ODOT's spent $3.8 billion on bridge projects and repaired nearly 6,500 bridges.

The study shows Ohio is tied for first place when it comes to bridge improvement.

"The public can rest assured that the bridges that they drive over have been looked at each year by inspectors and they're safe to drive on," said Bruning.

Cleveland 19 News reached out to the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, which published the study, to get more information about where the bridges are.

The economics team sent a full report, but it didn't list a location easily found.

The bottom of the study states bridge conditions may have changed as a result of recent work.

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