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Support group gives pit bulls, recovering addicts a second chance

(Source: CBS Newspath) (Source: CBS Newspath)

A former drug addict is crediting abused and neglected pit bulls for helping him kick his drug and alcohol addiction.

Michael Favor is the founder of Pitbulls and Addicts, a support group that gives dogs and former drug users a second chance.

The Staten Island, N.Y. man who is the son of a former NYPD officer said he never imagined he would be a drug addict. He admits to using 15 bags of cocaine a day.

"I went from abusing myself with cocaine, alcohol, gambling being high and driving//i just eliminated my negative addiction and replaced it with a positive addiction," say Favor.

Now, Favor has kicked his drug addiction and is now positively addicted to the support group.

"The animals help because I know that if I slip up, these animals are going to," says Favor. "Of course people are here, but they need me, and I need them."

A carpenter by trade, Favor constructed a 4,000 square-foot facility used to take in abused and neglected dogs from all over the country.

"I think society really doesn't give addicts a chance, the same way they don't give pit bulls a chance and you know, society just shuns them," says Gina Polizzi, a recovering addict and Pitbulls and Addicts volunteer.

Favor's group is saving countless lives, both furry and human.

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