ClusterTruck competing for food-delivery dollars in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Home delivery service seems to be all the craze right now. Grocery stores and restaurants are getting into the competition.

ClusterTruck is the latest business to jump on board. The Indiana-based company recently expanded to Cleveland.

"Cleveland is a great town. It loves to eat," said Chris Baggott, CEO and co-founder of ClusterTruck.

Baggott earned a lot of money in the software industry. It's that computer and logistics background that's a key ingredient of ClusterTruck.

"How do I get high-quality restaurant food delivered is really the problem we're solving," Baggott said.

The company's delivery-only kitchen is housed on St. Clair Avenue near downtown. The menu features a variety of food to satisfy just about every eater, like pizzas, burgers, salads, Asian and Mexican cuisines.

"We make about 130 different items," Baggott said. "It's a scratch kitchen. Everything is raw materials."

They call it farm- to-curb; delivered faster and fresher. They even supply their own beef, pork and chicken through Tyner Pond Farm.

"We time everything perfectly based on the delivery person's proximity," Baggott said. "If they're 12-minutes away and your food is going to take five-minutes to make, we don't start cooking it until the driver is only five-minutes away. So, as they're (delivery drivers) are pulling through, we hand them the food."

Customers order food through an app. Cleveland's delivery zone basically covers the downtown area stretching from W. 25th Street to E. 40th Street. ClusterTruck said delivery happens within an average of 21-minutes after placing an order.

Baggott is banking on a bright future knowing more people than ever are choosing to dine at home.

"We have Showtime, HBO (and) Netflix. We've made our houses nice. We want to be there and enjoy it, and I just want somebody to cook for me," Baggott said.

Gregory Gooden is the kitchen manager. He's been working in kitchens for more than a decade.

"Seventeen years now. I've been all over," Gooden said. "I've worked for the casino for like six-and-a-half-years. This concept came up. I applied for it, and they hired me. Ever since then I've been loving it."

He said Clevelanders love pizza, Pad Thai and burgers.

Gabrielle Taylor is a prep cook. She's in charge of making sauces, dressings and other items from scratch.

"My favorite sauce would be the Caesar dressing that we make," Taylor said.

ClusterTruck will soon be opening deliver-only kitchens in Minneapolis and Charlotte.

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