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Police warn of Netflix 'suspension notification' scam

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Netflix users may want to be wary next time they get an email about their account.

If the email's subject line has the phrase "Your Suspension Notification," Mt. Healthy police are recommending to use caution. They posted about the scam Thursday:

A phishing scam targeting millions of Netflix users is spreading across the internet.

The subject line "Your Suspension Notification" and the body of the email informs victims their account has been suspended due to a billing issue.

The email directs recipients to click a link that redirects to a fake Netflix landing page. The fake landing page directs victims to input their their user information and billing details in an effort to harvest credentials.

Use caution whenever inputting your personal information on-line.

"The attempt here, I think it's more to get your credit card number, and of course try to score as much money as they can, buy things as quickly as possible," FOX19 NOW Tech Expert Dave Hatter said. 

The email comes with a threat too. Should you ignore it, supposedly, after 48 hours, your membership will be suspended. 

"Even if they can get one-percent of 110-million people to go to a bogus website that looks like the Netflix website, enter their credentials and a credit card number, they just hit a massive score," Hatter said. 

He said the best thing you can do is make the next move on your own. Open the authentic Netflix browser and check it out, or call the company yourself. 

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