Super Bowl wisdom: Put your money on the hoodie

Super Bowl wisdom: Put your money on the hoodie

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When the Super Bowl was born in January of 1967, it wasn't even called the Super Bowl. It was simply the AFL–NFL Championship Game, although by Super Bowl 3 the name was official, and by Super Bowl V the Roman numerals were as well.

The first AFL-NFL Championship Game didn't sell out, was broadcast on two networks (CBS and NBC) and included a marching band and choir, but certainly no rock star. My, how things have changed.

Super Bowl LII will include Pink (National Anthem), Justin Timberlake (Haltime), and :30 commercials that go for $5 mil per (Dilly Dilly!).

It'll also include some football, lest we forget. That always seems to get lost in the shuffle, until they take the field and put on a dramatic show, as Tom Brady and the Patriots have done a few Eli Manning and the Giants did to the Rams and Titans, and Broncos and Packers, and Steelers and Cardinals have done as well.

But the action is already well underway. So, just for fun (no wagering, please), here are some of the things you can bet on in Super Bowl LII:

  • Will Bill Belichick wear a hoodie during the game? (yes, the hoodie is favored)
  • No TD will be scored in the game (go for it, it's 17,000-to-1)
  • Will a punter be named Super Bowl MVP (maybe...if he's wearing an Eagles uniform)
  • Color of the liquid thrown on winning coach (Orange is the clubhouse favorite, of course)
  • Length of Pink's version of the anthem (please, please go with the under, Pink: two minutes)
  • Will there be a wardrobe malfunction (Justin Timberlake, this is for you)


  • How many commercials will Peyton Manning appear in during broadcast (I can't count that high)
  • So let the games begin. They start now, and won't finish until at least 10 pm on Sunday.
  • The greatest spectacle in the world long ago transcended sports. Despite its fairly humble beginnings.

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