All your questions answered about Cleveland Cavs' success and struggles

All your questions answered about Cleveland Cavs' success and struggles

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - So many questions for Cleveland Cavaliers fans, so little time, at least before the NBA trade deadline.

The deadline is at 3 p.m. on Feb. 8.

Do the Cavs need to make a move?

And what's realistic? Lou Williams, the 31-year old Clippers guard, would provide some instant offense, but who do you send to Los Angeles?

There are only two legitimate options. Isaiah Thomas, who like Williams is up at the end of the year...or Channing Frye, likewise.

The money matches. But do you really give up on I-T this quickly? And as for Channing...

Who knew Frye would be this healthy?

They dangled him to the Sacramento Kings, and thankfully that fell through. With Kevin Love down, Frye is one of only two experienced bigs on the roster. And random stat: the Cavaliers are 18-2 when Frye plays more than 11 minutes. Last night he played 21, and gave 'em 16 points, 9 in a sluggish third quarter to keep 'em afloat, including a few cuts to the basket, off screens.

"Usually they (the defense) kind of catch wind of that play once or twice", Frye said after the game, "but it kept working. I'm gonna have to get new shoes, I wore the tread off of 'em".

"Channing did a great job", LeBron said following the 91-89 win over Miami. "But it started with D-Wade going down and setting those great screens."

Final question:

Why can't the Cavs get defensive? 

They may, at that question, after holding the Heat to under 90 last night. But the Heat also couldn't throw it into Lake Erie. There were 3 of 28 from behind the arc. They did their damage in the paint, blowing by the Cavaliers repeatedly. Of course LeBron shut 'em down when we needed it most, but only three teams in the league are worse defensively in the paint.

"I think our defensive effort was where it should be", LeBron said. "We had a great game plan and executed it."

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