Abortion billboards spark outcry: Do they go too far?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Sixteen pro-choice billboards have popped up around the Greater Cleveland area with fill-in-the-blank sentences like, "abortion is life-saving" and "abortion is your right."

Preterm, the organization that funded the billboards, said it wants to normalize abortions through its "My Abortion, My Life" campaign. Already, there's been backlash from people, including pro-life organizations.

"I'm not trying to condemn any women out there that have to make that difficult decision, but at the same time, these billboards should not promote abortion like that," said Tomika Levell.

Preterm is Ohio's largest abortion clinic. It said it wants to change "the black-and-white rhetoric from both sides of the political debate" and "create spaces that promote sharing, active listening and understanding."

Levell agrees there needs to be conversation, but she said it should happen early on because there are other options besides abortion. She understands well because she had an abortion as a teen.

"I still regret it to this day and that's why I want to speak up for it because I just wish I had somebody in my corner that could've steered me different," Levell said.

Thursday, Coalition for Life held a conference to condemn the billboards. The group said the signs sit in spots to target inner city girls. Levell said she agrees.

"I feel they're targeting minority people. I don't feel that they're out in Avon, or in Beachwood, or something like that. I feel like they're in the inner city to get to these people," she said.

Cleveland 19 News reached out to Preterm Thursday evening to get their response to the negative feedback, but didn't hear back because it was after business hours.

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