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This nasty bug looks and feels like the flu, but it isn't and it's slowly spreading

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You’ll feel like you have the flu. You’ll look like you have the flu. But you may not have the flu.

Doctors are warning patients about adenovirus, a viral condition that basically mimics the flu. 

Dr. Justin Smith, of Rocky River Urgent Care, said he's still seeing plenty of flu cases, but now he has noticed that cases of adenovirus are on the rise.

“We’ll see fever, cough, body aches everything that you'd associate with the flu only it’s not the flu. How do I tell the difference? I’ve got to test, and to be perfectly honest, that’s the only way I can really tell the difference.”

Dr. Smith told us that while the symptoms between the flu and adenovirus are the same, he can't treat patients who have the adenovirus -- there is nothing that will help except rest.

“Adenovirus is a nasty bug and there’s really not much to be done for it other than supportive care whereas with the flu there is an actual treatment you can use.”

A nasal swab is the simple test to find out if you have the flu, if so, Tamiflu can help but that’s only if you catch it early.

There is some good news, however, if you have the adenovirus.

“For the vast majority of the population it’s not really a risky virus, far less of a problem of intensity or severity than you’d get with the flu,” Dr. Smith said.

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