State wants cases against Juvenile Detention Center rioters moved to adult court

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Six juveniles at the center of a January riot at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center faced a judge on Friday.

The damage they caused was extensive and dangerous because shards of the broken windows were held by some rioters as weapons.

That explains the presence of seven guards in the courtroom of Judge Michael Ryan as the six suspects were led in shackled.

Each had been assigned an attorney. The young men were referred to only by initials in the proceeding.

Only two of them had family members show up to see the proceedings, which were largely procedural.

"Have you had an opportunity to review the complaints with your clients at this time," The judge asked the attorneys.

"Yes your honor."

All entered denials of wrongdoing on behalf of their clients.

In many cases juveniles can only be kept locked up till they are 21, so for some the punishment could have been far less than the crime.

If anyone was expecting a slap on the wrist the State of Ohio made a motion to see that there is a price to pay for the alleged crimes which include escape, inciting to violence, inciting to riot, vandalism, menacing and more.

The state wants the move the cases to adult court. 

What that means is that Judge Ryan must decide if there is probable cause to do that on a case by case basis and if the defendants aren't amenable to rehabilitation in Juvenile Court.

It also means up to eight years hard time for some in state prison if they are found guilty.

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