UPDATE: Westlake mother's missing son found safe, hospitalized

UPDATE: Westlake mother's missing son found safe, hospitalized

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - 19-year-old Roen Buck wasn't seen or heard from since Friday. Olivia Greene, of Westlake, said her son never went missing before.

On Sunday afternoon, Parma police confirmed Buck was found safe and was taken to an unknown hospital for treatment.

Before resurfacing, Roen was last seen in Parma on Friday, at a home on West 54th Street, where he borrowed his roommate's mother's car.

Greene said he was going to drive himself to a facility where he could get a psychological evaluation.

Roen, she said, had been depressed lately. She communicated with him on Thursday night through Facebook.

"He had been anxious and having a panic attack. I was talking to him, and I got him to calm down. I told him to go to sleep and message me in the morning, and that was the last I heard of him," said Greene.

"None of this is like him, though. He's not that type of person," said Dehlia Anderson, Roen's sister.

Roen's mom said there were concerns that Roen may harm himself based on some writings that were found in a notebook that he left behind.

"He was talking about being drawn to the lake and how he was drawn to jump off the rocks. I am asking people in the area to look out for him in the car," added Greene.

"Roen if you see this - please know that I love you, and I just want you to come back," said Greene prior to her son being found.

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