Lakewood City Council to propose 10-cent plastic bag tax

Lakewood City Council to propose 10-cent plastic bag tax

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Members of the Lakewood City Council will introduce legislation proposing an additional 10-cent fee or tax on plastic bags.

According to the resolution, a 10-cent fee would be charged for disposable plastic bags.

The proposal would support Cuyahoga County's initiative aimed at improving the environment and cutting down contamination in Lake Erie.

According to the city council's proposal, approximately 5 percent of disposable plastic bags are recycled. Bags that aren't recycled could end up in Northeast Ohio's waterways, contributing to 5.5. million pounds of plastic pollution that contaminates Lake Erie each year.

Individuals on food stamps would be exempt from the plastic bag tax.

Several cities around the country, including Washington, D.C. and Chicago have instituted similar fees, which have helped reduce litter and water pollution.

Councilmember Tristan Rader and Council President Sam O'Leary will introduce the resolution during Monday's city council meeting.

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