Euclid parents fed up with tardy buses; officials say problem not widespread

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - Parents and probably a few students are unhappy about Euclid school bus delays, and it looks like inclement weather is the main culprit.

"We always emphasize to our buses we'd rather you be very safe than very speedy," said Euclid City Schools Superintendent Charles Smialek.

On Monday, Smialek addressed parents' concerns about why some of the district's 97 bus runs are late.

Several Euclid parents complained on Facebook about the tardy buses.

Sandra Webber said drivers are "too lazy to scrape ice off the bus, sitting in them waiting for the defrosters to work."

"Who knows if our bus ever showed up this morning...My husband got tired of waiting in the cold and just drove our son to school," said Jess Stephens.

"Of those 97, 12 of them were actually late to school today. Of those 12 buses that were late, we only had five that were more than five minutes late," said Smialek.

Parents can track their child's bus using the First View App on their smart phone, tablets or desktops.

"That app allows our parents to understand exactly at what pace the bus is moving and when they should have their child ready," said Smialek.

How does the district know where buses are on their route?

"There's GPS in all the buses. The GPS actually help us because we can monitor how many buses are on time, how many buses are late. That's why we were able to give you the data today," said Smialek.

First View allows parents to live track buses, and it gives predictive stop arrival times and sends out custom alerts and messages.

The District says First Student, the transportation provider, has specific employees who are scheduled to come in early to start or warm up the buses. All drivers are to report to work 15 minutes before their scheduled route and are equipped with snow removal equipment including bus scrapers.

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