Cleveland gets the 'thumbs up' from Inspector General’s audit on use of RNC grant

Cleveland gets the 'thumbs up' from Inspector General’s audit on use of RNC grant

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - CLEVELAND (WOIO) - The Department of Justice released a report auditing Cleveland's use of  federal grant during the RNC.

The grant called 2016 Bureau of Justice Assistance Presidential Candidate Nominating Convention Grant provided more than $49 million dollars in funds.

Out of the $49,900,000 original grant award, Cleveland requested $41,571, 098 in expenditures.

The reason the final amount requested was approximately $8.3 million less than allowed was principally due to changes in expected personnel costs.

According to the Inspector General, with one minor exception that has since been corrected, the audit report concludes that the city "appropriately managed the grant."

The one reported issue was that Cleveland spent $3.2 million dollars in automobile purchases and didn't identify them as purchased with federal funds.

The identified vehicles were re-inventoried so that they can be adequately tracked according to DOJ requirements.

Overall Grant Management – We found that Cleveland achieved the program goals and objectives, submitted required performance reports, complied with special conditions unique to the grant, properly expended grant funds, budgeted appropriately, requested draw downs in an allowable manner, and submitted federal financial reports free from error or misstatement.

Property Management – We found that Cleveland did not fully comply with Department of Justice grant requirements because when it added to its inventory the vehicles it purchased with grant funds, it did not identify them as grant-funded.

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