Brunswick business under pressure to compensate shortchanged employees

Brunswick business under pressure to compensate shortchanged employees

BRUNSWICK, OH (WOIO) - Current and former workers at Kasidonis Heating and Cooling are upset over not being paid in recent weeks.

Plumber Joe Lysyj says he was fired for asking why his check bounced. He began noticing problems months ago with his pay.

"Sometimes it was hit or miss...I still have current paychecks that need to be cashed," he said.

Erica Young is Joe's wife, and as the company's marketing manager, she noted year-to-year calls to the company are up 81 percent.

"I just want to know where the money is and when I can cash my paycheck for my kids," she said.

Owner Jane Kasidonis responded saying, "It was short term, absolutely, between jobs and we had a couple other things, a contractor that had some issues that we were dealing with."

However, there are other problems than just the pay issue.

Janice Baumann worked in the office and knows the books.

"I was trying to get her on a better plan, she was not taking my advice and following standard accounting practices," she said.

At the end of the year the employees got a letter asking for patience and 1099 tax forms.

"We didn't meet the guidelines to be 1099 employees and now we have to pay her portion of the payroll tax in addition to our own," said Baumann.

Workers aren't the only ones affected.

Johnny Kolar, the current plumbing manager, said he was told to stall customers when supply houses wouldn't give Kasidonis parts.

Jane Kasidonis said her accountant and lawyer were working to clean things up, but current and former employees are weary.

"We do try to keep everybody happy as best possible, so believe me...we are the good guys not the bad guys," said Kasidonis.

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