LeBron James: 'I would never waive my no-trade clause'

LeBron James: 'I would never waive my no-trade clause'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - LeBron James will be a free agent during the 2018 NBA offseason, but he says he is not going anywhere this season and is sticking it out with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"I'm here for the long-haul," LeBron said following Tuesday night's embarrassing 116-98 loss in Orlando to the Magic. "I'm here for this season right now to try to figure out ways we can still compete."

His comments come as the Cavs continue a downward spiral with the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching.

"I would never waive my no-trade clause," says James.

The Cavs can't seem to find their way out of the headlines. Recently, players questioned Kevin Love's legitimacy for being sick. LeBron James also reportedly cursed out team executives during a meeting, showing more and more disconnect from the franchise.

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday, Feb. 8.

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