Netflix comedian Tom Segura uses 'R-word;' Northeast Ohio moms aren't laughing

Netflix comedian Tom Segura uses 'R-word;' Northeast Ohio moms aren't laughing

Forty-six-year-old Amy Smith remembers being called retarded when she was little, a word most people now refer to as the R-word.

"All the time. All the time," Smith said it made her feel, "Angry. I wanted to beat them up, but I know I can't."

When Smith heard that comedian Tom Segura used the R-word in his new Netflix special and then went on to single out and make fun of people with Down syndrome, she says she was hurt once again.

"I don't like him. I just want to be blunt. It's hurtful. I grew up with that, and it really hurts. I want him to cut it out," said Smith.

In a new Netflix special called "Disgraceful," comedian Tom Segura targets children and adults with Down syndrome, a genetic chromosomal disorder that causes developmental delays and intellectual disabilities.

(Warning: Graphic language.)

"Disgraceful" highlights words that are no longer acceptable to say.

In his Netflix special, Segura suggests that instead of using the word retarded, people say that something has "an extra 21st chromosome," which specifically refers to people with Down syndrome because Down syndrome is caused by a person having an extra 21st chromosome.

Segura stirred up even more emotions when he responded to a mother's request for Netflix to cancel the special, tweeting: "Hey @Netflix please don't take my special down. That'd be so retarded."

He also recently posted this message on Instagram saying, "Mostly I'd like to thank people who have hate, hate, hated my special and letting people know about it. You have brought more eyeballs and attention to it than I ever could have asked for."

A petition on now has over 90,000 signatures from people demanding that Netflix edit or remove Tom Segura's "Disgraceful" special.

"I know what they are all capable of - it's just wrong. I wrote to two of the higher-ups at Netflix. I signed the petition, and I gave them a week, and then I canceled my subscription," said Dawn Shivey, whose son has Down syndrome.

"He seems like a very mean person. I don't know if he ever met someone with Down syndrome, if he would change his mind I would hope so," added Laurie Kowalski, who also has a son with Down syndrome.

So far, Netflix and Tom Segura have not responded to our requests for comment.

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