Homeowners associated with Kasidonis Plumbing & Heating could face more problems

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The problems caused by plumbing company Kasidonis Plumbing and Heating has some homeowners worried.

It seems furnaces and other equipment they had installed by Kasidonis was never paid for.

The supplier Ferguson Heating and Cooling has taken Kasidonis to court and the homeowners are named in the paperwork.

Could mechanics liens be filed against them for payment.

After checking, that seems unlikely as liens are usually used in much bigger jobs than a home furnace.

Owner June Kasidonis explained the company had a seasonal cash crunch.

"Sometimes we get real busy and it goes over our allowed credit limit," Kasidonis said.

But the lawsuit lists furnace after furnace that was delivered to Kasidonis over a two month period and wasn't paid for.

The amount of money due is $245,000.

At Ferguson headquarters in Streetsboro we got a polite reception but no official comment.

The unpaid workers we talked to have a harder future.

Getting their pay may also take a lawsuit.

"Most of the time she will not respond to me. The one response I did get is she's trying to take care of it,"  former worker Joe Lysyj  said.

It's tax season and also troubling to the workers is the fact that along with a letter saying the problems were being worked on they got W-2's and some of their pay accounted for in a 1099 without proper withholding.

June had this to say.

"I'm glad you stopped by because I always say my door is open. I'd be glad to explain it any time. I did get a corporate lawyer just to help me through the and my accountant to helm me through how to best get my employees paid.

"We're not supposed to be 1099 employees but she did 1099 some of us by the end of January," Former worker Janice Baumann noted.

"Has the adequate stuff been withheld.  Uh, yes absolutely and like I say we go by the books, yeah for everything," Kasidonis was asked.

Medina County Court records show a total of 44 lawsuits against Kasidonis, the company and her husband Steven, many are tax liens for nonpayment to the State of Ohio.

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