Former Cleveland Heights High School star Jason Kelce steals the show at Eagles Super Bowl Parade

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - At his Cleveland Heights home, dad Ed Kelce, watched as his son, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, in full costume, walked in the Super Bowl championship parade.

"He has no problem getting into outfits," mom Donna joked.

From early in the season, Jason knew this could be a good year for the team.

"As the season went on, he said, I'm telling ya, there's something special here," Ed said.

Jason Kelce is a Cleveland Heights graduate, and played college football for Cincinnati. Brother Travis plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I was fairly confident they were going to be athletes," Ed said.

Mom Donna explains how nerve-wrecking the last few minutes of the Super Bowl game was for her.

"The last five minutes of the game were like heart-wrenching.  We've seen Brady do it so many times," Donna said.

When the Eagles rushed the field after the win, Donna said it's something she won't soon forget.

"The best moment of my life, aside from having them in childbirth," Donna said.

She adds, winning a Super Bowl was beyond their wildest dreams.

"It's pretty special," Donna said.

Many in Philadelphia are saying Kelce had the best speech at the Super Bowl Parade.


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