In effort to cut response times by 50%, Avon police will keep cruisers at home

AVON, OH (WOIO) - The Avon Police Department wants to cut down on response times, so to do that, they're unveiling a new expansion of an old program--letting officers who live in Avon city limits take their cruisers home with them.

Right now, only eight administrative and K9 personnel take their vehicles home after their shifts. Captain Larry Fischbach said that can cause a delay if the department needs extra officers in an emergency situation.

"There is somewhat of a delay because officers have to report to the police station from home, gather their gear, find a vehicle to jump into, and then head to the scene," he said.

He estimates that eliminating that delay could decrease response times by 50 percent or more, giving police valuable time in a serious situation. He says that's especially valuable in certain cases.

"We had one street in the city that had ten telephone poles knocked down because of high wind. That took up a lot of manpower to block roadways until the power company could get that fixed," he said. "Missing juveniles require us to have an immediate response and a lot of resources on that."

Because this is an expansion of an existing program, there are no additional costs to the city. About seven officers would be allowed to take their cars home now. There are around 40 cars in the fleet.

"The fleet we have set up right now, we have enough that those officers who want to take a vehicle home within the city limits will be able to do so," Fischbach said. "We don't need to purchase any other additional equipment."

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