Northeast Ohio salt shortage triggers surge in prices

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - No need to tell the people at Cannon Salt Supply about the long, cold, snowy, icy winter.

Rob Foster and Michelle Stewart, own and operate the business, and they are seeing firsthand the strain that snow removal companies are feeling.

They supply the companies that plow and salt the parking lots and roads around schools, universities, businesses and hospitals, and they say bulk salt is at a critically low level.

"Absolutely, it's just been relentless with storm after storm and everyone needs salt," Foster said.

Foster and Stewart say they have been taking call after call asking if they have any salt they can sell.

"People are scrambling, they're getting nervous, their regular suppliers can't supply them with salt," Stewart said.

They are barely filling orders for their regular customers, and the salt is selling at least double, and getting close to triple the regular prices due to the shortage.

"If the price gets absolutely crazy there is nothing you can do besides pay the price because you need the product to keep your parking lots, roads and hospitals safe," Foster said.

Cannon has used distributors in Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, and now Cincinnati, because of the shortage locally. It's that delivery cost that is driving salt prices higher and higher.

It's an issue they warn their customers about every year.

"We begged our customers, buy now, take now, you don't know what winter is going to look like," Stewart said.

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