Cleveland students make pledge: No One Eats Alone

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Today is No One Eats Alone Day. It's a national school campaign, aimed at ending isolation and bullying.

At Garrett Morgan High School, more than 200 students gathered for an afternoon assembly on bullying prevention and social inclusion.

"This is just one of the components that we dive into, we look at, how we can best support our students," said school nurse Sherdina Williams. "We understand here that social emotional learning of students is as important also as their physical health."

Several of the students say they've been a target of bullying, and they're happy the school is focused on cutting it out of their lives.

"I was bullied ever since elementary school all the way up into the eleventh grade, and personally, I think it's really not fair, because it makes kids feel unaccepted and like they don't have a fit in the world," said Ariel Maclain, a senior.

Students signed a pledge, promising they'll sit with new students at lunch, befriending the ones who need it.

"I mean, it's very important to befriend that kid. otherwise, he'll feel like he's left out," said junior Abdallah Saoud. "He'll want to transfer from that school, even though he  wants to attend that school, that's why he's there. He'll feel like he's unwanted."

The school administration told students at the assembly that they'll hang the pledge banner in the lunchroom as a daily reminder to students of their promise to help and encourage others.

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