2-year-old Cleveland girl grazed by drive-by bullet while inside home

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 2-year-old Imani Malcolm is at home safe after being grazed by a stray bullet on Cleveland's West Side.

The shooting happened on Guthrie Ave around 9 p.m. on Sunday night.

"I don't have any words for it. My daughter would have been gone over something careless. Over nothing," said Imani's mother, Ronnetta Malcolm.

Hours have passed, but the mother of four is still in a total state of disbelief.

"I heard the shots. My daughter instantly jumped up screaming. I Knew she was shot," recalls Ronnetta.

On Sunday evening, a barrage of bullets came spraying through her Guthrie Avenue home.

"Our bed is right by the window. It came through the wall, through my bed. Where it hit my daughter -- It went through her Diaper," said Ronnetta.

Thankfully, little 2-year-old Imani wasn't seriously hurt. She was only grazed by the bullet, but had the bullet been just a few inches to almost any other direction, things could have been far worse.

"She's alive, that's all that counts. I almost lost my 2-year-old last night," said Ronnetta

In a shocking turn of events, as Cleveland 19's camera's were rolling, the original target of those stray bullets pulled up to apologize for putting Ronnetta and her children in harm's way.

"I'm really sad about the situation that it was a 2-year-old. I hope whatever this guy gets, it's long time for it because it wasn't right what happened," said Joseph Ping.

In the mean time, Malcolm is just concerned about getting herself and her four kids out of the neighborhood as soon as possible.

"It's always shooting around here. It's always something and this is what everybody has been fearing over here -- when our babies are gonna get shot," concluded Ronnetta.

So far police have arrested one person in connection with the shooting. The incident, however, remains under investigation

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