Ohio woman searches for wedding dress 32 years after dry cleaner mix-up

WILLOWICK, OH (WOIO) - An Ohio woman took to social media in search of her mother's wedding dress that went missing 32 years ago after a dry cleaner mix-up.

Ame Bartlebaugh recently went to her grandmother's house in Willowick to look for her mother's wedding dress. She was hoping to wear it for her own wedding in 2019.

Bartlebaugh was expecting to see her mother's simple, sleeveless dress when she opened the box. Instead, she found a lacy, tiered dress.

The wrong dress has been stored in her grandmother's attic since it was last dry cleaned in the summer of 1985.

Ame shared her story on Facebook, and within 24 hours, she got a response about the wedding dress mix-up.

She was able to track down and return the dress to its original owner. Michelle Havrilla received her dress for the first time since her own wedding in 1985.

Bartlebaugh is still hoping that social media will help her find her mother's dress in time for her wedding.

"If you or someone you know got married in June of 1985 and took their dress to a Willowick dry cleaner (possibly Mr. Todd's) it might not hurt to take a peek to see if the dress it the right one!," she wrote on Facebook.

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