Stow police officer used 'justifiable force' in deadly shooting, prosecutors say

Stow police officer used 'justifiable force' in deadly shooting, prosecutors say
Officer Robert S. Molody (Source: Stow Police Dept.)
William Porubsky (Source: Family)
William Porubsky (Source: Family)

STOW, OH (WOIO) - A Stow Police Officer did not violate the law in connection with the Sept. 3, 2017 shooting which resulted in the death of 30-year-old William Porubsky, according to Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh.

Officer Robert Molody shot and killed Porubsky following an altercation outside an Akron homeless shelter last year.

The investigation revealed the following:

  • At 11 p.m. on September 3, 2017, Officer Molody responded to a call from a Stow homeowner who said a man had jumped a locked fence and was now banging on the door to his home and acting strange.
  • Officer Molody encountered Porubsky, who matched the description from the homeowner.
  • Officer Molody offered to take Porubsky to a homeless shelter in Akron.
  • During the drive, Porubsky is agitated, paranoid and makes strange statements.
  • At the homeless shelter, Porubsky refused several commands by Officer Molody to exit the cruiser and sit on the curb.
  • Porubsky eventually exited the cruiser and attempted to open the driver’s side door of the cruiser. Mr. Porubsky also swipes at Officer Molody attempting to knock the Officer’s Taser out of his hand.
  • Officer Molody deployed his Taser and hit Porubsky; however, it had no effect.
  • Porubsky charged at Officer Molody, knocking the officer to the ground.
  • After a brief struggle, Officer Molody fired two shots. Porubsky was struck in the chest and later died.
  • During the fight with Porubsky, Officer Molody was almost knocked out by a punch in the face. He also suffered cuts to his arm and face.

"What began as a good deed by Officer Molody escalated into a situation where the officer feared for his life and was forced to take action," said Prosecutor Walsh.

According to Stow Police Department records, Officer Robert S. Molody was hired in 2005 after working with the Alliance Police Department for seven years.

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