Avon officials devising crackdown on texting drivers

AVON, OH (WOIO) - Many have seen it, or maybe even done it themselves: one foot is still on the pedal as motorists text while driving.

Then there are the  drivers looking at their phone at a red light the entire time instead of worrying about traffic.

Or the classic, head-up-down-up tactic while stopped in traffic.

Fed up with the unnecessary dangers drivers are putting on themselves and others, Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen plans on enforcing text-free driving,

"It's not about revenue, it's about how do we make everyone pay attention to the law," said Jensen.

According to the mayor, the current law states you can't text or drive, but it's not a primary offense.

He says Avon City Council wants to change that to boost enforcement.

So, for even holding up your phone you could be stopped.

He said Cleveland 19's W82TXT campaign made him rethink the law,

Attention is needed at State Route 83 and Detroit Road, one of the area's busiest intersections.

In Avon, texting while driving is one of the top 5 accident causes.

Fine could go as high as $150 for a first offense, but there's more.

"I don't know if it's the fine as we hope the points will wake up the child or the adult that you can't afford the points over the fine," he said.

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