Your significant other is probably (Netflix) cheating on you

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If Netflix users were their own country, at 118 million Global users in 2017, it would be the twelfth most populated nation in the world; "binging" is now a part of our everyday language, and Netflix users watched about 1 billion hours of content per week in 2017.

Need we say more?

We love TV. And with so many streaming options and addicting shows available, it can be tough to hit pause.

And if this isn't a sign of the times we don't know what is: more and more relationships are hitting roadblocks because someone in the relationship is "Netflix Cheating."

Here's how it works.

You agree to watch "Stranger Things" with a significant other, for example. Then your partner is just dying to find out if Will ever gets out of the 'Upside Down' and watches ahead without you.

You know that feeling of frustration.

About half of all couples – 46 percent – admitted that one of them has cheated on a show and watched without the other, according to a Netflix survey.

Some couples might just laugh it off, but others might see it as a sign of a deeper issue in the relationship.

"I'm seeing that lots of couples sometimes feel that this causes a lack of trust," said Edward Hill, psychotherapist with the Cleveland Health and Wellness Center. "This is a shared experience some of them have together."

He said the bottom line is some couples consider watching ahead as a break in the trust that's the foundation of any relationship.

But it's only TV right? It's crazy to think anyone could take watching a TV show without the other that seriously?

Wrong! 14 percent of people from a 2017 Netflix survey said they would feel worse about their lover Netflix cheating, than if they were cheated on in real life.

Hill stressed a promise is a promise – no matter if it's about who's picking the kids up from school or if you're going to watch the next episode of Black Mirror together.

"The realms of communications and connections are changing, and this is one of them. And it creates a breaking of the trust when someone else goes ahead and watches a show without the other partner," Hill said.

With two-thirds of people surveyed saying they would Netflix cheat again if they could get away with it, looks like the issue won't slow down anytime soon.

If you find yourself in the middle of a Netflix cheating scandal, Hill offered up this advice:

"It's an opportunity to have conversation with your partner about expectations and intentions and how important" watching a show together is.

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