Stow company creates bulletproof boards for backpacks because of repeated school shootings

STOW, OH (WOIO) - While most of us still think a shooting can't happen where our kids go to school, the fact that the shooting at a Florida school is the 18th school shooting this calendar year in the United States, may say otherwise.

Parents are now looking for a way to protect their kids while in the classroom.

We've seen the images over and over, terrified kids running from a school after a shooter walks the halls.

While active shooter drills have helped some students know what to do if the unthinkable happens, a company in Stow is offering one more layer of protection.

"Everyone is wanting to have some kind of protection," Jason Henkel of Shot Stop Ballistics said.

Henkel's company makes these lightweight bulletproof vests that fit inside a laptop bag, or even a child's backpack.

Here is where you can find more information about the vests and they usually cost around $120.

"In the event I'm ever in one of these active threat situations, I know that I can at least get down, get my head and upper torso behind it and have a fighting chance," Henkel said.

He said what looks like a clipboard, or cushion can stop many rounds from a high-powered gun.

"I have a 6-year-old and a 12-year-old, you bet, they are wearing it. It's just another insurance policy.  It seems mathematically impossible, it's not going to happen to me.  You don't need it until you need it, then you really it," Henkel said.

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