Cleveland Urban Film exec: 'Black Panther' delivers cultural impact with African-American cast, director

VALLEY VIEW, OH (WOIO) - Marvel Studios has premiered its latest movie, and as usual, it is expected to be a blockbuster.

But Black Panther may end up being much more than just another marvelous Marvel experience.

Many see this movie as the jump start to bringing more opportunities for roles and film careers to the African-American community in Hollywood.

The movie features a mostly African-American cast, and was directed by Ryan Coogler, also an African American.

Donna Dabbs, the executive director of the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival, sees it as a historic opening night.

"It gives us all a picture of power and our history all in one place," she said.

Hundreds came out to the Valley View Cinemark Theater for a screening, dressed for the occasion, passionate and thrilled about what the future means with a great cast and crew and Marvel's record of success.

"It creates more opportunities to make more movies of the same type, so now I am sure they'll make a Black Panther 2, 3, 4 and 5 just like the other stories," Dabbs said.

At its base level, some are finding considerable importance in young people seeing an African-American action hero.

"It's huge because it makes an impression for them that they can see come from a powerful lineage," Dabbs said.

The movie is expected to dominate the weekend at the box office.

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