Neighbors shocked after body found on Cleveland's east side

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Police are still investigating a body found on fire at an abandoned home on Cleveland's east side.

Burnt remains and caution tape are all that remain of Saturday night's incident where an unidentified man was found burning in the front yard of a Laisy Avenue abandoned home.

"Some lady lost her son. somebody on the run. A couple of times things have happened but now it's getting closer and closer to home," said Laisy Avenue resident, Lavelle Ross.

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The Ross family has been living here on Laisy Avenue for nearly a decade, but Lavelle and his wife Melissa were appalled at the fact that a man's body was found burning in a pile of garbage, right across the street from their home.

"It's a quiet street. Nobody is doing anything. We look out for each other. We're all neighbors. We know everyone on the street," said Melissa Ross.

"My kids aren't safe. They can't walk down the street. Even the little kids they come out," Lavelle.

Burning body, possibly shot, found in pile of garbage on Cleveland's east side

Cleveland Police say the body may have suffered trauma and even a gunshot wound prior to being torched, but the Ross' don't believe a shooting could have occurred in the same area.

"It couldn't have happened here because I would have heard it. I sit right there. We we're looking at the game. I would have heard the gun shots. We hear gun shots from other streets over," Lavelle said.

Nevertheless neighbors are hoping the abandoned home the body found doesn't continue to remain an eyesore for the community.

"I wan't that house torn down because it doesn't need to be on this street. We need more lights on our streets so we can see whats going on around the neighborhood," Melissa said.

The incident is still under investigation. However those with any information on the deceased body are asked to contact the Cleveland Police Department.

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