Car crashes into Elyria couple's bedroom while they're in bed

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Frightening moments for a couple in Elyria as a car crashed into their bedroom when they were laying in bed.

"If she would've gone any further into that house, we would've been underneath that vehicle," Dennis Campanalie said.

Scary thoughts ran through Campanalie's mind Sunday evening, as he looked at the damage done to his Elyria home. His bedroom window is shattered, his siding is bent and, inside his bedroom, the walls are cracked and caved in.

"All of a sudden there was a light and a bang, and I knew exactly what that was," he said.

A car driving on South Abbe Road crashed into the family's home on Chestnut Ridge Road around 7 a.m. Saturday.

The driver went through the light and over the guardrail, took out a street sign, wooden post and giant rock and left tire marks in the lawn. The rock rolled, took out chunks of concrete in the driveway and dented Campanalie's truck.

"She said, I didn't make that turn, I didn't make that corner, and I looked at her and said, what turn?" Campanalie said.

Saturday wasn't the first time the couple had woken up to a car crashing into their home. Last time, it was worse. Two people were killed on New Year's Day 2017 when a car flew through the light and landed on the roof.

"Part of that guardrail was 97 feet into my backyard," Campanalie said.

The crumpled guardrail in front of the family's home is the third one the city will have to replace within a matter of years.

"Pay attention to the road. That's so important," Campanalie said. "There's so many people that get killed and crippled for life because somebody wasn't paying any attention."

The Campanalie's have lived at their Elyria home for 25 years and they don't plan to move.

Campanalie said the city worked with him and his neighbors in the past to put up a light and add the guardrail at the intersection. Now, he wants to talk to the mayor about putting up a concrete barrier in front of his home.

Police believe the woman who crashed into the home Saturday had a medical condition.

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