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Group rallies in Cleveland to ban assault weapons

Ban assault rifle rally. (Source: WOIO) Ban assault rifle rally. (Source: WOIO)
#BanAssaultWeapons (Source: Facebook) #BanAssaultWeapons (Source: Facebook)

Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Akron Councilwoman Tara Samples are calling for a statewide ban on all assault rifles.

"Those who have opened the door for these assault weapons to flood our cities and to flood our state and to be freely available in America are about to have an accounting, a day of reckoning themselves," said Kucinich.

Kucinich, who's running for Ohio Governor, and supporters of #BanAssaultWeapons, gathered on the steps of Cleveland City Hall at 601 Lakeside Ave. at noon on Monday.

The rally comes in response to a mass shooting at a Florida high school Wednesday, killing 17 adults and children.

"I'm a junior in high school and a lot of my fellow students, we've been talking and frankly we don't feel safe. This is where we spent almost each and every day of our lives. We're expected to go here, sit and concentrate and learn and we can't do that because we're scared," said one student.

The group is seeking immediate action on gun control.

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