Northeast Ohio ski resorts shutter to save snow during rainy warmup

Northeast Ohio ski resorts close down due to unseasonably high weather

PENINSULA, OH (WOIO) - Warm temperatures and rain are having a direct impact on local ski resorts that are shutting down to preserve the snow.

Wide open slopes, vacant chairlifts and empty ski racks are all there will be at Boston Mills and Brandywine Ski Resorts Monday through Wednesday.

"We just want to give our skiers the best experience possible and by not having people out here and by not grooming our terrain, we're preserving that snow to keep our season going," said Public Relations Manager Thomas Conti.

Conti said this season has been great. Thanks to lots of natural snow and long stretches of cold temperatures, Monday was only the second day the ski resorts closed this winter.

Workers still expect to have a solid stretch of days to ski once they open back up.

"It's been awesome. We're up to 73 days of skiing this year, we're hoping to get up to 90 or 100 days," Conti said.

Even though the rain and the warm temperatures melted snow pretty much everywhere, slopes at Boston Mills and Brandywine still have a few feet of powder.

"The rain is actually hitting the snow and rolling right off, trickling right down to the base of our hill. It's not penetrating in, so it's not melting the snow quickly. When we get out there and skiers are out there riding it and slashing through it and getting some hard turns, then it creates crevasses in the snow where rain or moisture can get inside melting it from the inside out," Conti said.

Workers expect big crowds when the ski resorts open back up Thursday.

By saving the snow now, skiers, snowboarders and snow tubers will have more days to hit the slopes as we inch closer to spring.

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