Parents: Your kids probably don't want most of the things you're saving for them

Parents: Your kids probably don't want most of the things you're saving for them

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When you hear the voice of an auctioneer you know there is a possibility of  getting a good deal. But what if the items they are auctioning off belong to your parents?

Warner McConaughey is a certified appraiser  he says, "that's their hard work on the walls on the cabinets  and the floors."

And what we think may be an heirloom might otherwise be just a collectible and may not be worth anything, except to you said Warner, "when it comes to an estate full of items these people have 80 years collecting everything in their homes."

Take for example a popular  print of the last supper, 'if it was hand painted by somebody it may have a little more value because someone took the time to recreate it," said McConaughey.

But most come down to sentimental value.

Sentimental value is important but McConaughey gives us a look at what he considers an heirloom and what is trash.

He begins with toys from the mid 1900's. Erector sets from the '50s, "if they have all the pieces its rare," he added.

Good to pass on or you can sell it for at least $100.

Coins. Just about everyone has them.

Eisenhower silver dollars are worth something.

A silver plated quarter coin collection is just a collection.

Old chairs that are worn down and used might have sentimental value but a chest from the 1880s worth about  $675.

Look for a makers mark. Something you think is a family heirloom might have that makers mark and that does add value.

Warner said silver, not silver plated but silver, with a makers mark could mean big bucks..

Lladros bring some cash.  Any Lladros. Warner agrees that they seem to hold their value.

An Armoire by Townsend and your price.   Or pass down to the kids.  Auction houses have handled those and can bring up to $400,000.

Baseball cards in mint condition can be an heirloom or part of a college fund.

McConaughey gives the best advice possible, "talk to your parents about what they want kept in the family. Label those items. Write them down."

Because one you get to the point an item is auctioned off.  It's gone and not coming back.

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