Student arrested for making threats against Massillon Schools; Jackson Middle 911 calls released

MASSILLON, OH (WOIO) - School was back in session at all Massillon schools Wednesday, however it was likely anything but normal.

The district wanted to get back to its routine as quickly as possible.

Developments included the release of a 911 call and the arrest of a student at another school for making a threat against two schools.

Officials have released a 911 call made moments after a 7th grade Jackson Memorial Middle School student walked into a bathroom Tuesday and shot himself. The 911 call came from Jackson Middle School's assistant principal.

911: This is the fire department.

Caller: This is -------------- Assistant Principal at Jackson Middle School. I have a student who shot himself in the restroom. He has a strong pulse and I need an ambulance now.

911: He was shot?

Caller: He shot himself, yes. 

911: OK. We'll get, somebody's already in route.

 Caller: Thank-you.

911: Bye.

Emergency crews rushed to the school where students had been put in lockdown.

Word spread quickly and parents rushed to the school waiting agonizing hours to see their child and take them home.

In the aftermath of the shooting Sheriff George Maier said, "We have a zero tolerance for this kind of behavior."

Wednesday he made good on that pledge. A 16-year-old female student at McKinley High School who made threats against Glen Oak High school as well as her own school was arrested.

The threat is unrelated to two previous arrests for making threats.

No one answered at the wounded boy's home. At the lunch hour a woman arrived with flowers and a stuffed animal.

Since the investigation has made no conclusions lacking any proof so far that the boy intended harm to anyone but himself.

The visitor's feelings were with his mother.

"I just want them to know that my prayers are with them and their son," she said. "That's not fair, he's just a kid."

At 16 the girl making the threats is just a kid too, but there could be adult penalties to pay if the case is not diverted to Juvenile Court.

The charges include inducing panic, making terrorist threats, and telecommunications harassment.

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