Rule proposed in baseball would allow losing team to choose 3 hitters they want in 9th inning

Rule proposed in baseball would allow losing team to choose 3 hitters they want in 9th inning
(Source: AP Photo/David Dermer).

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Baseball's latest entry of solutions to problems that don't exist appears to be an even bigger doozy than allowing teams to start with a guy on second base in extra innings.

This time? On Tuesday's Rich Eisen show, the host revealed that he's heard whispers that baseball executives have discussed allowing the team that's losing to use whatever three hitters they want in the 9th inning, doesn't matter if they were due up or not.

This idea is so stupid, it makes their last bad one appear Edisonian.

Their reasoning is that they want to have their best players on the field at the end of the game. Citing basketball and football, they compare it to LeBron and Tom Brady not being out there at the end of the game.

After taking a moment to let the stupid wash over me, I'll point out some problems with this thinking. (bathes in stupidity, towels off, reaches for a stiff drink)

Tom Brady is not on the field if the other team has the ball. How did they miss that?

Basketball players are not on the floor if they foul out.

There are a decent amount of times that a team has one of their three best players foul out.

I guess baseball thinks the NBA should let that guy back in the game?

Why doesn't the other team having their closer on the mound count as having the best players on the field?

Since batters can bat even if they're not up, can Andrew Miller come back into the game if he's already pitched?

I need another stiff drink.

This is awful. It's another advantage for the best teams, and they don't need the help. In every 9th inning they're trailing, the Yankees can run out Sanchez, Judge and Stanton. Imagine that all year?

In every 9th inning the Marlins are losing, they'll have the pleasure of trotting some combination of Starlin Castro, Justin Bour and J.T. Realmuto.

Woof. You are punishing the teams that are not as good by letting their already superior opponent off the mat. It's disgusting.

I don't think this is actually going to happen, but the fact that it is even being discussed is embarrassing.

Why have these people been entrusted with taking care of this game? Forget putting a bull in a china shop, the bull is running the china shop!

And this idea, is bull- you know.

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