Brunswick hair salon helps cancer patients get hair back

BRUNSWICK, OH (WOIO) - A local hair salon is helping cancer patients get their hair back.

It's a new technique only done by a handful of salons in the country.

Esbi International Salon in Brunswick is giving confidence back to cancer patients literally one strand of hair at a time.

It's called Chemo Girls Extensions where patients are able to receive hair extensions strand by strand, exact hair color and all as long as their hair is at least an inch and a half long.

Debra Hudnall who's already undergone the process said the treatment has pretty much given her new life once again.

"I just felt like cancer had taken part of my identity or something. It was just great. I was able to swim. I started kayaking last summer and I felt really confident so it's been great. It's been a God Send," said Hudnall.

"Cancer is such a strong thing. To see the joy and excitement and sometimes tears, it just feels good," said Esbi Salon Co-Owner, Cheryl Basilisco.

More information about the salon can be found on its website.

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