Cleveland International Model UN deepens students' global perspective: Romona's Kids

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Teenagers from all over Northeast Ohio, and even some from other countries, learned how to solve world problems at a conference hosted by local students.

Students come up with solutions for a world crisis, in this year's case, a pandemic.

This was the first and only conference to combine the European and North American Model UN styles.

"The conferences in Europe are completely different, they're based on arguing, as opposed to building resolutions so they're more focused on debating each other, trying to tear resolutions down, whereas in America they're more focused on working together and building it up. Here we try to connect them all together, so it's a bit of both," said St. Edward senior Anthony Perrins, co-secretary general.

"It really opens you up to a lot of diversity because everyone comes from such different walks of life, even the kids from the Cleveland area, but also the international students," said St. Joseph Academy senior Claudia Stephens, co-secretary general. "It's really interesting to work with them and see how they all actually come to very similar ideas in the end  so it definitely had brought a lot of willingness for me to be able to listen and understand other perspectives."

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