Cleveland crews working around the clock to repair pesky potholes

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Slamming into the first pothole of the season is all part of living in Northeast Ohio.

Local cities are working hard to patch those potholes before they do significant damage to your car.

We spoke with Cleveland city officials who say they are putting in plenty of hours to get that job done.

The city has 10 crews on the job this year as opposed to just three last year.

The passage of Issue 32 from November 2016 provided a bump in the city's income tax, which created the extra funds to hire more repair crews.

The city has those crews working on multiple shifts, sometimes three shifts in a day, working to fill potholes.

You can check the city's website where they offer a daily blog of where the crews are working on potholes.

At Firestone Complete Auto Care in downtown they have seen a big increase in tire and rim replacements and they warn that if you hit one at a high rate of speed it's possible you could blow your alignment.

Scott McDaniel is the service manager at Firestone, "Drive the speed limit because the lesser the speed you're going, the less chance of more damage to the front end of the car and try not to swerve into oncoming traffic."

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