Police continue to search for suspect after 13-year-old run over during East Cleveland chase

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A teen struck by a driver fleeing from East Cleveland Police has been identified as 13-year-old Jaden Paolino.

The hit skip happened in Cleveland after the police broke off the chase. The boy has a broken leg, a broken arm, and his family tells us he is undergoing surgery for a brain injury.

This is despite the strict police chase policy the city of Cleveland instituted after the chase where 137 shots were fired and two people were killed after a long chase.

Recently we've seen chases that began elsewhere and ended up in Cleveland.

Just this week a chase began in Shaker Heights and ended up in Cleveland. The runaway driver lost control and slammed into a utility pole in Cleveland. The car was torn in half and two people died.

Witness Lee Simpson doesn't blame.

"The police they wasn't going too fast, they was doing about 40 or 45 miles an hour," Simpson said.

The East Cleveland police report says the speed in the latest crash was also 45 miles an hour.

The officer says he had terminated the pursuit several blocks earlier. He saw the car strike one of three pedestrians crossing the street.

But you can't expect a fleeing driver to slow down, he's trying to put as much distance as possible  between himself and the police.

Rubin Swift was working nearby and saw the bloody aftermath.

"They shoulda let the guy go, if you got a plate number you coulda called Cleveland or somebody to catch em down the road and then somebody got hurt maybe even die," Swift said.

Cleveland found the car but not the driver and passenger. It was burned out on Baldwin Avenue.

Surveillance cameras nearby could help locate the suspects.

Camera's at the spot the pedestrian was hit will be less useful.

The latest incidents could shift the debate over police chases from Cleveland to the suburbs.

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