All untested rape kits in Ohio now analyzed

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The state attorney general says all previously untested Ohio rape kits have now been analyzed, completing an initiative to check thousands of untested samples.

Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine said Friday the work is complete on 13,931 rape kits submitted by local law enforcement agencies for DNA testing.

"All the old sexual assault kits totaling close to 14,000 have now been tested," said DeWine during a press conference Friday morning. "Evidence from any rape kit associated with a crime no matter how old should and must be tested."

Dewine, a candidate for governor, says charges have been filed against hundreds of suspects as a result of matches made over the years.

Across the state, thousands of these sexual assault kits have been idly sitting on the shelves of police stations - just waiting to be tested.

"Each one represents someone who has suffered trauma at the hands of a rapist," said DeWine.

Since 2011, scientists at the Ohio Crime Bureau of Investigations have been working constantly to get each and every old test processed and completed, solving over 5,000 cases.

"We were able to go back and identify and go back to the police department and tell the police, there's the rapist. We know who that rapist is," said Dewine.

An Ohio law that went into effect in 2015 requires that any newly collected rape kits be turned over within 30 days after an agency determines a crime has been committed.

The results are also able to finally give some victims back their piece of mind, even after a decade of uncertainty.

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