Saint Ignatius student says high school unfairly asked him to withdraw from school just before graduation

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "What happened was a miscommunication between me and my teacher," Joshua Crayton said.

Joshua Crayton said a misunderstanding over assignments lead to his mother being asked to withdraw him from Saint Ignatius High School just months before graduation.

The student said his teacher refused to give him credit for his work, so he spoke up.

Another teacher told him he could not go back to his English class.

"He said she felt threatened and intimidated by you," Crayton said

"In your talking to her did you raise your voice, curse, put your hands on her do anything like that?" Cleveland 19 reporter Harry Boomer asked.

"No I didn't raise my voice," Crayton answered.

Crayton said he misses his friend and he wants to be back here.

"Sitting at home is depressing and it's getting to me. It's becoming overwhelming," Crayton said.

The school disputes this statement by Joshua, who said he sees a double standard.

"Last week there was a student who brought a hit list to the school and he was offered to stay home and finish a semester at home and I didn't get offered that by the principal," Crayton said.

Father Raymond Guiao is the president of Saint Ignatius.

"He was asked to withdraw as a consequence to some poor decisions that he had made.," Guiao said.

"Such as?" Boomer asked.

The decisions are not anything that we can talk about Harry," Guiao said.

The student has been out of school for seven weeks.

"What we have offered to him assistance from our school to matriculate to another school and to support him with supplementary tutoring and counseling as necessary," Guiao said.

Crayton said he wants to finish track, graduate with his friends and go to prom at Saint Ignatius.

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