Cincinnati Reds defeat Cleveland Indians 6-4 in Spring Training opener

Cincinnati Reds defeat Cleveland Indians 6-4 in Spring Training opener
The Reds defeated Indians 6-4. (Source AP Images)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There are few things that can simultaneously exciting and boring, yet a Spring Training opener is on that list.


"Who are these guys? They're all minor leaguers I haven't even heard of!"

Same guy. Probably within the same hour.

"Schwab! I thought you loved baseball!"

Oh, I do. I just don't romanticize Spring Training like a lot of people. I love Arizona!

But the games usually stink and they're a complete tease. You finally get baseball, but you're dying for the real thing!

For me, the excitement of the Cactus or Grapefruit League opener usually faded by the third inning.

Not because there were minor league guys in (we cover them too), but because I couldn't wait for the games that actually counted. Think about the second quarter of that first Browns preseason game. You're watching, but inside, you'd rather just fast forward to the Week 1. Same thing.

It's worse in the beginning of camp because pitchers are just getting in work.

They're working on building arm strength, they're barely trying to get people out. I remember one time Cliff Lee got clobbered.

Gave up like a thousand runs.

Everybody back in Cleveland freaked out. The guy spent like an hour throwing nothing but fastballs. No breaking balls. Not one. Gee, I wonder how they timed him up?

It's part of the deal. They gotta do it to get ready for the season, and some baseball is always better than no baseball, but Opening Day cannot get here fast enough for a lot of us.

There is a World Series to be won by somebody this year, and the Indians are good enough to go do it.

I'm gonna try not to get too worked up over a 6-4 final in a Cactus League Opener. They didn't even win. Who cares. I'll be more fired up on March 29 when they're in Seattle for a 10:30 first pitch.

Get ready, the 2018 season is just weeks away. In the meantime we'll settle for being teased by the games that don't count!

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